Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can you supply me with new gates?
A - YES!! We have numerous styles for you to pick from or alternatively, we can assist you design a unique gate style to suit using our extensive photo gallery for ideas and colours. We can provide gates for almost any size opening. Contact us for more details.

Q What safety features are included with the systems?
A - All the systems we install include a pair of infrared safety beams which will prevent the gates from closing on a person or vehicle when the beam is blocked. Optional safety systems can be selected from our extensive range.

Q Is it possible to automate any gate?
A - We install a large range of automation systems to both new and existing gate systems which means that you would be very unlucky to have gates which cannot be automated. We will always advise the most suitable system. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you require advice.

Q - What is the difference between a slide gate, a swing gate and a boom gate?
A - A slide gate is supported after installation in a vertical position so that it slides backwards and forwards to open or close along a track using a single geared motor system where a gear engages with a toothed track and is generally the most popular style of gate. A swing gate (or leaf gate) can be a single leaf or double leaf gate system where each gate is hinged to a fixed point (brick pillar or vertical post) and an electric operated motor is attached to pull open or push open and close each leaf individually. A Boom gate is simply an arm (boom) that raises and lowers to allow egress or access using an electrically geared mechanism contained in a self supporting box. There is an unlimited range of these products available. Please contact us for advise on what would best suit your application.

Q What is the advantage of underground motors?
A - Underground motors are often preferred because the motors are hidden out of sight and don't spoil the aesthetics of the gates, underground systems are slightly more expensive than gate mounted systems and the installation may take slightly longer because of the groundwork required.

Q Is it OK to fit underground motors in wet locations?
A - Yes, the motors are sealed against water ingress. We always fit adequate drainage to underground motors.

Q What do I do in the event of power failure?
A - All systems we install have some form of manual release (in the form of a key) in the event of a power or system failure. Some systems allow battery backup and will continue to work for a period in the event of power outage.

Q Can rural farm gates be automated?
A - Yes, we have systems available to automate gates up to 5 meters per leaf including farm and agricultural style gates, including solar powered systems.

Q I have gates fitted in the centre of brick pillars; can they be automated with above ground rams?
A -Firstly, we would need to inspect the existing gate system to obtain an understanding of the ground slope and geometry of swing, generally we have solutions for most situations. It is possible to mount the automation with gates between or on the rear of the pillars or posts. The first step in any enquiry for such an installation is a full survey of your existing gates and/or Pillars.

Q Can anybody open my gates with other transmitters?
A - No, all transmitters are digitally encrypted and coded for security.

Q How do visitors get through the gates?
A - If your automatic gates are the only means of access to your property then you may wish to install an intercom system. There are a number of intercom options depending on your situation e.g. wireless systems are available when a cable cannot be run to your property entrance; these generally have a range of around 100metres. Telephone intercom systems that will ring through to your home/mobile phone are useful also, especially when you are away from your home, as the visitors call can be diverted/or dialled to your mobile phone allowing you to provide the visitor enter as required remotely.